Separating the Actions of People from the Evidence

If we look around us, and listen enough, we will find that people are very hostile to either science (usually evolution and the Big Bang) or on the opposite spectrum, toward religion. The problem arises when people extend their hostility to those who hold beliefs on either side. Sometimes it is a result of insults and mockery for what a person believes in. And sometimes, more often than not, it’s due to a misunderstanding of what a person believes.

It’s important to just take a step back before engaging with anyone on the topics of science and religion, particularly the existence of God. Unfortunately, extreme measures have been taken against those who have views that are different than the opposing party, group, or institution. This only adds fuel to the fire and creates a greater rift between the two groups that disagree.

We see that this occurs throughout history. But the bottom line is that unless coercion, oppression, or threatening is involved, everyone has a choice and can believe whatever they wish. There is no reason that hostility needs to be the order of the day.

If a person is proven wrong by evidence, they can still hang onto their beliefs. The Young-Earth Creationists continue to believe in a 6,000 year old Earth. So, that’s their choice and they are free to reject evidence that says otherwise.

We can continue to move toward what is true and what the evidence demonstrates, even with people who still insist that the Earth is flat and that the Sun revolves around the Earth. It doesn’t need to become a war of words, or devolve into mockery and name-calling. There are people who have beliefs that are based on evidence. And there are people who insist that they have evidence but rather, it turns out that what they have is their opinion. That will not withstand the test of time, so just keep moving forward in your search and leave the rest behind. It will be more productive in the end and will not stifle your progress.

However, a good debate with presentation of evidence is a great way to consider both sides of an argument if you’re not sure who has the more compelling evidence, and it’s a great way to learn. As long as it’s civil. Because personally attacking and mocking others just makes an argument seem very week.

Read, learn, and be strong, because there’s a whole world out there telling you what to believe. In the end, the choice must be yours.

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