Finding the Truth in Today’s World

Have you ever wondered how you can get to the truth in today’s world?

From the time we are very young, we are taught to believe many things. Some turn out to be true, and some don’t. Was there ever a time when you questioned whether something that someone insisted was true was actually true? And when you questioned it, if you questioned it, you were made to feel that you shouldn’t dare to do so?

Can you recall one of these times where a person insisted they were right and it turned out that later, you found out they were simply wrong, and there was evidence to prove it? Perhaps this has happened often in your life. It can be very confusing and discouraging.

And now, today in this era of information that is instantly spread worldwide, people are facing doubt and uneasiness in most every area of life; politics, the environment, human rights, the intense debate between science and religion, and many other issues. It’s often so difficult to figure out what’s true and what isn’t. Should we just allow ourselves to become overwhelmed and just take another’s word for it? But if we do, how do we know if they’re being fair and looking at the evidence objectively? Is there a standard we can use?

We, as human beings, have all faced such challenges. Let’s look at the issue of science and religion. Where do we begin to address our doubts and how do we resolve them? How do we find the answers, and where are the answers? How and where do we begin the search, let alone determine that information is reliable?

The bottom line ultimately becomes: How do we determine if there is a basis, a foundation for what we believe? If, of course, it’s importance to us.

With all of that said, and even with all of these questions, there is definitely hope and a world of discovery and answers awaiting us, and that’s what is so wonderful about having the ability to question. And there is a standard, a way to gather evidence and discern the true from the false.

Sometimes, we simply don’t know. So we search to find the truth.

Getting back to the religion vs science debate. This is a very important issue that has been ongoing for some time, having an impact on people every day; on individuals, families, education, and society, so it’s worthy of addressing. Is there a war going on between the two?

We hope to provide some answers to this question. What I would like to do is to present evidence, information, and also some arguments as to why people say that science and religion are incompatible. Some of the popular arguments are made by well-known people and repeated often. We’ll challenge those arguments and their validity. And we’ll be discussing much, much more and sharing new information that some of you may not have heard before.

It’s not my intent to try and convince you of anything but rather, to present evidence so that you can decide for yourself, as doing anything else would not support your right to reach conclusions on your own.

So if you are trying to figure out what is true and what isn’t regarding the science vs religion debate, or you’re simply interested in gathering information, then please join us.




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