About Rise of Truth

Welcome, everyone.

Our team is a group of people of all age ranges and backgrounds that has formed a long-distance connection from various regions of the world.

We are a group of people who have come together while searching for the truth as it is, not as we might have wanted it to be or as we were told it was. None of us have met in person. Yet we have shared many hours together discussing our life experiences, and our struggles to break through the barriers of falsehood, our own ideas of right and wrong, true and false, and our own opinions and the opinions of others.

This is what has brought us together initially, and we hope that we are better people because of it. We’re not afraid to challenge statements and ideas of people who claim to be authorities if they are based on opinion or can’t be supported with evidence.

We rely on information that is clearly conveyed and evidence, and try our best to be fair and balanced. We respect the rights of others and their right to make their own choices, and to have their own opinions. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be challenged, and that it won’t be hard to think outside of the box sometimes. We all understand. We’ve been there.

And it’s what has brought us together to become a network of friends and seekers of what’s true and right.


We’d Love for You to Join Us!

We have all struggled to find our way. As we move through life, there are many challenges. If we care about living a life based on truth and not lies, and most people do, it can be pretty confusing.

We don’t want you to be confused anymore. We don’t want you to be lied to. We don’t want you to unknowingly perpetuate opinions of others as if they are fact. But at the same time, we’re not here to convince you.

What we really want to do, our goal, is to share information and evidence with you. To share our joys of discovering something is true and shattering through falsehood, which in some cases has been prevailing for centuries. We want to share new discoveries with you, and we’re very excited about doing that.

Just as you will definitely be challenged and hear things here that you haven’t heard before, so were we. And we also had to dig a little deeper to find the truth, and discern between true and false, opinion and fact, and also change the way we think – in essence, change ourselves.

This is an ongoing journey. A great deal of what we will share with you is new. Our goal is that you benefit from this information and evidence. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to explore, discover the truth, break away from falsehood, and have you with us along the way. So welcome And we’re committed to sharing our experience and the treasures that we have discovered with you.


Our Goal at The Rise of Truth

Our goal is for you to discover the buried treasure of truth. To have the opportunity to break through false notions that have no evidence and no basis in reality. To be able to exercise your choice as an individual who has been supplied with all the necessary information and come to conclusions based on evidence. To see the truth as it is.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave your comments or questions below and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Suehila Smith, MD

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  1. Hello
    My name is Zahra A. I am a 22 year-old-girl from Qatif, saudi arabia. i’m a nurse intern, recently graduated from nursing school. (thought I’d share that).
    I was lucky to find channel when I searched on youtube (Giordano Bruno) when the name was mentioned in the series ( COSMOS a spacetime odyssey) and since then, I’ve been a subscriber. I appreciate your efforts to share with us this rare knowledge.
    however, I was only checking your website the other day and I read your posts. when I last read the intro, I got this motivation to write to you what I’m experiencing, which is something I’ve been putting of for so long ( to seek guidance and direction or advice).

    so here is what I wrote:

    how can I find my way back to god when I am a sinner?
    problem is, I don’t even know anymore if what we’re taught are sins really are and not just ancient religious men’s opinions (I’m not talking about our prophets and imams/leaders after him, but about the sheikhs and men who came after them and wrote the books the majority of muslims follow and are devoted to).

    i feel like I’m almost a muslim by name only right now.
    right this moment, i turn my head away from islamic rituals. i don’t care much about special occasions (even though i try in big occasions and times to find myself something i can relate to, say like lectures of specific sheikhs online that i don’t find biased and closed minded).
    i only do the obligations now. but otherwise i just go with my intuition and i think is right. i try as much as possible to be a good human being who is helping and compassionate.
    and i know this sounds like I’m taking what appeals to me from religion and is not right.
    i still pray my 5 and fast and believe in god and everything.

    I’m in a confused state. since a few years ago, i wanted to learn about islamic teachings and beliefs and facts from scratch. and i wanted to learn them not from anyone. not any sheikh. i wanted it from someone not biased. i want actual truths. not cultural practices that got mixed up with religion and people are made to believe are part of it.

    are women really obligated to cover up all the time around men? no exceptions? even if, say, in places where women normally aren’t covering and attention is drawn to women who are covering?
    is it the way we were taught that not a single hair should be out?
    what about music?
    just a little sample of questions I have.

    it kinda strikes me when I see muslim people not practicing some basic islamic “obligations” and still express their religiosity and faith and prayers. I’m not saying it’s fake or judging them. i’m genuinely asking how can they do it and be genuine? because I can’t do that. I feel like it’s either/or. When I’m thinking “why can’t I be like those?” who are devoted muslims but still are openly doing things that are basically known to be sins?

    for me right now, i don’t express much religiosity. and if i do, it wouldn’t feel real and genuine.

    but I don’t want to be like that.
    i want to still be faithful and religious regardless of my sins and i know I’m contradicting myself right now.

    i don’t read Quran. i don’t have the interest right now. and i know it shouldn’t be something you do “for interest” as a muslim.
    it’s just that, i feel like when i read, i don’t understand it on a deeper level, a level that makes me feel connected to it.
    i don’t understand beyond the basic meaning of the verses. i had a desire to go to a place where i can learn and study the Quran and it’s science and wisdom, and thought by that i could bring myself into becoming a true and real believer. but i still didn’t/couldn’t do much about that.

    I still do good in my life and things for the sake of god and for the sake of doing good in the world. i guess I’m now taking from religion what i find appealing or convenient. and i know that’s not right

    i’m not proud of any of this but it’s what it is.

    i think what got me into this spiritual/religious stagnancy is me wanting to learn about the true islam, not knowing where to find that, and not doing anything about it.

    this all started around four years ago and i gradually got distanced little by little. at the time, i had got involved and invested in a cyber campaign about saudi women’s rights. and you know how the people and communities of the internet are. everyone had their freedom of speech. and i didn’t fear being exposed to the various beliefs and opinions. that campaign went on for many weeks and months. and it opened so many doors and different people had their different sides in it. there was of course the group of atheists and ex-muslims trying to pick on islam and show it as the true oppressor of women. they’d bring up verses of the Quran, sayings of the prophet and such. this made me conscious of my own lack of knowledge In my own religion and made me want to learn and study it from scratch, but as i said i didn’t want that to be from any random source. and i didn’t think i could find this trustworthy source around me here(even though there IS a variety of knowledgeable people with different levels of wisdom where i live. i honestly didn’t put much effort to search (yet). i had only graduated from university recently and during the time i was planning in my head that i’ll do the religious/spiritual search and study after i finish, because i wanted to do it abroad…

    I don’t know if my letter is relevant or if it’s in the right place. if it’s not, i understand. because from what i see of your videos and posts that they’re mostly focused on the Science-Religion debates, but when i read your website’s intro, it just encouraged me to reach out and talk about those struggles.
    any kind of help, advice or direction is welcome.

    Please excuse my disordered letter. i’m just trying to lay down my thoughts as they are.
    thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Best regards

    1. Dear Zahra,
      I have just seen your comment for the very first time! How are you?
      This is a very important comment that will require a thoughtful response. Are you able to contact me on Facebook?

  2. Hi Dr. Smith
    I see you on YouTube
    And because I live in Iran
    I see the dubbing of your clip
    Thank you for making these clips and I hope they continue and with different topics
    God willing, you will always be in the hands of God

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